"I only worked with Dr. Lin for 2 years, and in those two short years, she successfully prepared me for graduate school, helped me solve some annoying vocal issues, and helped me find my real voice. 

 When I started working with Dr. Lin, I was a senior and NOT ready for graduate school and had pretty poor  technique. My voice would start to hurt after I had only been singing a few minutes, my middle register was   nonexistent, and I had so much tension in my tongue and jaw, which caused intonation problems. She really had to start from scratch with me AND get me ready for graduate auditions A.S.A.P.! To do this, we worked very intensely. She even was so kind as to give me extra lessons, which she was not required to do. Because of this, I landed lead roles in our school's opera productions, was hired as a soprano soloist for a few organizations, won second place in a NATS competition in South Texas, and got into a prestigious music school (Longy School of Music at Bard College in Cambridge, MA) for graduate study in vocal performance with scholarship on my first try! 

I highly recommend Dr. Lin as a voice teacher because she is so dedicated to her students and is an amazing musician. Should you decided to work with her, just know that your voice is in good hands." 
-- Alexandria Ramos, private voice teacher &
Music Director of OLPH Catholic Church, Corpus Christi

"I am a retiree who sang in church and school choirs in middle school and high school, but gave it up during college and working years. I began singing again in church, then in the Corpus Christi Chorale, and now in A Capella Corpus Christ. With these groups I have had the opportunity to sing at Carnegie Hall in New York, and to tour France, singing at Notre Dame Cathedral and La Madeleine in Paris, and at the U.S. cemetery at Normandy Beach.  I really wanted to improve my performance, open up my voice, learn how to control my breath, and become a better choral member. I was happy and excited to be able to access the expertise of Hsin Yi Lin at Texas A&M Corpus Christi.

I worked with Dr. Lin for perhaps a year and a half, until she left for Portland. I had never had formal training on a one-on-one basis, and had many bad habits. She patiently helped me correct the basic problems that held me back, used a variety of warm-up techniques aimed at helping me pronounce better, locate the muscles that open up the singing space, find the muscles that allow singing longer phrases on one breath.  If one approach wasn’t getting through to me, she found another approach that did.

It was always fun and rewarding to work with Dr.  Lin. She drew out of me better performance, increasing my voice range, improving my sound quality.  I gained the confidence to actually perform, and perform well, some solo arias that she taught me.  An added bonus is that I was able to hear her play piano and sing!

I highly recommend Dr. Lin as a voice teacher. She has the ability to tailor her teaching to her student, inspire, and provide excellent technique.  I wish she were still here."

-- Susan Comer, A Capella Corpus Christi

"I was very fortunate to get to work with Dr. Lin while taking post-baccalaureate courses at Texas A&M University- Corpus Christi. I had been auditioning for graduate schools and was not gaining acceptance into master’s programs. Within months, Dr. Lin had transformed my vocal technique and helped me find repertoire that showed off my voice for upcoming graduate school auditions.
I had only worked with Dr. Lin for one full semester before auditions took place, but she structured the lessons to work with the technique that I already had been developing during my undergraduate years. She always offered new approaches to the vocal issues I was presenting at the moment, and she was diligent in helping me find a healthy technique that would prolong my career. During the second semester, I was accepted into both schools I had auditioned for, and I’m now working towards a Master of Music degree in Vocal Performance at Texas State University. Due to modesty, she would attribute this success to my hard work and persistence, but I know she is the reason I've gotten this far. Thank you, Dr. Lin, for being an amazing teacher and mentor! "
-- Jennifer Garza,
2nd year MM in Vocal Performance at Texas State University 

"I am currently a Vocal Performance Major at Texas A&M University. I began my freshman year at the School of Music at Texas State University. During my second semester I began searching for a new school. I received offers from numerous schools, but I took the gamble of returning to Corpus Christi to study under the direction of Dr. Hsin Yi Lin. This was the best decision I could have ever made for my musical training. Unfortunately, I only received the opportunity to work with her for one short year. But throughout my entire eight years of vocal training; her year was the most rewarding and influential.

Dr. Lin dedicated not only her time but her life to her students. She was able to fix and identify problems that previous professional singers/voice teachers could not. For example, I have always struggled with being slightly under pitch throughout my entire career. It turns out that I had a condition called Ankyloglossia. This was a condition that I was born with and was never aware, nor was it ever pointed out that it was affecting my singing. Dr. Lin discovered this early in my training, and worked with retraining my tongue muscles to where I could produce the sound with the most minimal effort as possible. This was a temp until I could have this surgically corrected. After extensive research on both our parts, I underwent surgery to have the Ankyloglossia removed during our break between Fall & Spring semester. After returning from my surgery, progress and the development of my voice sky-rocketed.

Dr. Lin has an incredible gift to where she can close her eyes and face the opposite way and tell you everything you physically wrong, from clenching your neck, to what you did with your hands. Dr. Lin is the complete package. She is what every voice teacher wished they were and the voice teacher every student wished they had. Her perfect pitch and incredible piano skills make her a bulldozer for tackling the problems her students encounter when singing. I recommend anyone who is dedicated to learning and improving their skill to study under the direction of Dr. Hsin Yi Lin. You give Dr. Lin 10% and she’ll give you 150%. You give her 50% and she’ll give you 150%. You give her 100% and she’ll give you 150%."

-- Christopher Munro,
Voice Major student from Texas A&M University- Corpus Christi

"I am pleased to say that I worked with Dr. Hsin Yi Lin for two semesters of college at Texas A&M University of Corpus Christi. Dr. Lin built a foundation of vocal technique that I will use for the rest of my life.  Upon entering into her studio, she taught me how to be the best singer that I could be in the healthiest way possible. While under her instruction, I competed in the National Association of Teachers of Singers competition where I placed first in the South-Texas-Freshmen-Women’s division. I also received the Harold Starks Encouragement Award given to the most outstanding performance in the Freshmen Men and Women’s divisions. This summer of 2013, I was privileged to join her in Taiwan and receive more instruction at a collaborative voice and piano workshop. Specifically, she helped my overall tone and breath-support so that singing is nearly effortless! Thus, I fully recommend Dr. Lin as the right teacher for ANY voice type. My overall experience with Dr. Lin is unforgettable and I could never thank her enough for the training that she provided!"

-- Janell Stallard,
Voice Major student from Texas A&M University- Corpus Christi