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Are you vocally talented but haven't had a chance to explore it?

Do you enjoy singing but find yourself restricted by vocal/technical issues?

Do you have auditions/competitions coming up, and would like to be more confident in presenting yourself?





Located in Portland, OR, Hsin Yi Lin Voice Studio offers:

Voice lessons, all levels (age 12- adult)

Piano lessons, up to an early advanced level (all ages)



As an accomplished professional solo vocalist, masterclass instructor and dedicated voice teacher, Dr. Hsin Yi Lin is dedicated to help students discover and develop their vocal potential, explore their innate artistic instinct in singing, eventually achieve their goals, and more importantly, experience the joy of singing!


Discover Your "True" Voice 

Dr. Lin believes that every voice is unique, so there is no uniform "studio voice" in her studio, and her goal of vocal training is to discover and liberate each singer's "real" voice, instead of merely pursuing big volume or imitating others. Every singer has his/her unique voice which possesses different quality, capacity and flexibility as well as limitations and challenges. The beauty of singing is revealed in the best of one's own voice, honestly and sincerely.

Develop Your Musicianship and Artistry

Dr. Lin believes that the role of the voice teacher is to develop the students' vocal potential by guiding them through a process of technical, artistic, musical and personal development. The physical nature of learning to sing is inseparable from emotional nature of being human. Expressive and effective singing cannot be achieved unless one’s inherent artistry is well preserved and developed, and the purpose of learning singing technique is only to serve and match what one’s musicianship calls for. Her goal is to help her students gain expressive abilities that are essential to effective communication since this is a key component in being a successful singer.

A Lesson Customized for YOU

Each student is distinctive and requires a unique application of techniques. Each of them comes with diverse background, learning experience and different needs and goals. Maintaining open, clear communication with her students from the beginning of their relationship, Dr. Lin pays close attention to students' needs and provide as much professional advice and assistance as she can.





If you want to discover your vocal talent,

If you want to explore what your "true voice" is,

If you want to establish healthy vocal technique to enjoy singing without restriction,

If you want to know how to present yourself and stand yourself out in auditions/competitions,


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